Part of {my} life

Welcome, to mu personal partfolio as a part-of-life story and journey.
This site only intently to describe my existence in a BIG-BIG World
I'm just a simple and ordinary person in this vast world and only one among 6,973,738,433 person in this world (source: world bank, 2011). 
Please fell free to contact or discuss something if you like. I will gladly reply it. Thank you for visiting!

About Me?

I was born in Indonesia, a beautiul country with many enchanting natural wonder and huge diversity in culture. My life began in Summer 17th of July, in  the city of heroes. I was raised in a small and humble family which often travel around. I’m lucky to be able to travel around and see many wonderous beauty of mother earth.

Currently now working in private university and just do some simple yet fun research and project that tingle my curiosity..


My Short interest and maybe service related that i can provide. If you have the same interest plese invite me to join! I will gladly accept it!

“They Make IT, I make fortune from IT”

My work is IT based related, not only capable of programming, but to know how to enhance and manage it.

Therefore I will gladly share my experience if needed. Some of the material that can be learned is shared within this site.

“Earth without Art is Eh...”

Packed with old Canon DSLR and some lenses, I ready to take any momment in the place.

Where is my galery of work? Its hidden also in this site, search it ^ ^

“Me- Time is the best time to Think”

Take some time to leasuring yourself. From games like Final Fantasy Mobius, to fun sport or maybe traveling. Why not?


anything perticullar? have something to ask or discuss or just say Hi..